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( Dec. 14th, 2009 03:30 pm)
Hello Followers!

I just noticed the lack of recent twitter feed posts. I locked my stream to protect myself from prying co-workers. No one has found me on Twitter yet, but I feel more comfortable with a non-public stream. Anyone who misses my 140 character missives is free to follow me (cricketshay on twitter)

My life has been a series of battles lately.

I'm trying to keep myself going at work and trying to make it through the holidays at home. I detest (loathe even) Christmas. I don't dislike the Christan side of things so much, but rather the consumerism side of it. Five years ago I gave up giving gifts on Christmas and just starting buying things for people year round. When I see something I think someone I love will like, I buy it for them and give it to them. I don't save it up for once a year. This kind of sucks for the kids, who have to go to school and hear about the load of gifts their peers receive. But it makes me happier. (though people tend to look at me strangely when I tell them I don't celebrate Christmas by buying gifts)

Today's battle is with a massive migraine. I think I might be winning because I can use the computer without wanting to throw up.

(I had so much more to say five minutes ago)

Love to all,


P.S. Me and Courtney have decided to label penises "the situation" after watching The Jersey Shore on MTV. For those who aren't reality television addicts, there is a guy on the show who calls himself "the situation." Yeah, he acts kinda like a dick.


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