I thought listening to FOB for hours on end would make me sick and my obessession would cease, freeing me up to listen to other bands. What a silly, little girl I am. It just made more of an obessive freak. My kids are starting to notice and I saw the look Ben gave me when I mentioned Pete Wentz in a recent conversation. There is an intervention in the air, I can smell it.

Concerned Friends:

"We love you Shay and we want to save you from your musicality."(they toss ripped CDs of cool indie music at me, afraid to get too close in case FOB obsession is catching)


"Thnks Fr th mmrs"(I try to ignore the music piled at my feet. Pete and Patrick 4-EVAR!)


"It's worse than we thought. She has lost her vowels!" Quick play some JoCo to snap her out of it!" (Code Monkey get up...)


(said angrily) "Don't you know Who I Think I AM!"


(throwing hands up in air) "We give up! I guess we should be thankful, it could've been Britney."

*embraces obsession*

It will pass soon I think. I put some other stuff on my media player to draw my attention in another direction.

P.S. No disrespect for Briteny or those her love her. I needed a name. :)

P.S.S. Hum Hallelujah is an awesome song! Check it out!



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