While my brain is processing a potential new story idea, I'm re-hashing the novels of writing days passed. Novel number one is a complete mess, so it shall not ever see the light of day. (except maybe an excerpt in one of those funny writing memes so you can poke fun at it) Novel number two might be resurrected with the appropriate amount of mouth to mouth. It has a complete awesome outline with many plot points. The prose needs to be spit shined a bit, but with the right amount of attention, it might be query worthy. (OMG, I used the "Q" word)

I won't bore you with novels three through seven. They will see their day in the sun eventually. I'm going to play with each one to see if I can breath new life into them. I think it would be a shame for all those words to just lie dormant on a hard drive, never having the chance to spread their wings and soar.

My writing goal for this year is to spend at least a hour a day writing. (if possible two hours) So far, I've been slacking, blowing my word wad on Twitter. (how I love it so!) This weekend I am taking positive steps toward my goal. Novel two has been printed and I'm going to search my many notebooks for the original outline. After I get Nate calmed down and in bed, I shall read novel two and take notes. (Novel two is Edge of a Dream, formerly Open Vein)

How many old novels do you have in your closet? :P


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