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([personal profile] shay_writes Jan. 12th, 2014 08:00 pm)
Nothing excites a writer more than a new idea. Last night, in the middle of a trip down a wikipedia rabbit hole, a new idea bashed me on the head. It started with "I wonder" and ended with "what if." Scared it might disappear, I added it to my idea file on my smart phone. The list is currently small and there are several items that have me scratching my head. If I have a cool dream, I add the neat elements to the list for future inspiration. (Ribs are light sabers is a good example)

After saving the idea for the future, I texted it to my cousin. I was too excited to sleep and I thought her husband could use it and do it more justice than I could. Her response, even though it was after one in the morning, was positive and she encouraged me to use it myself. I think her words included the phrase "if you aren't going to use it, I will." I decided to tackle it.

Yes, I am in the middle of editing a rough draft. Yes, I have ideas for two more stories in the same world with the same main character. Yes, I have an outline for the next story I planned on writing. But this idea is shiny and completely different than the series I've been working on. It is singing to me the siren's song of new idea happiness. There is a whole world of possibilities and characters to discover. I almost didn't sleep last night. My first instinct was to grab my notebook and start scribbling ideas for characters and setting.

This is tremendous. I went six months or more without having ideas. I was worried I would never have another idea. My creative well was dry. There were times when I thought I would give up writing. The thought of not putting words on the page made me sad. For as long as I can remember, I have been a writer. (note I did not say author, that is a different thing) Ideas for stories have been coming to me and I have been writing them for over 30 years. It is who I am.
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