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( Dec. 4th, 2013 09:29 am)
Due to errands and babysitting, I wasn't able to work on my timeline as planned. By around eight o'clock my body was crying foul and my eyes refused to remain open. Just because I didn't open up the computer doesn't mean I wasn't working on my story. I was thinking about the supernatural elements and how The Order of the Valiant came into being.

People don't just wake up one day with special abilities. (Heroes excluded) These things have to come from somewhere or develop over time. There are no radioactive spiders in my tale, so I need to know where all these powers came from, how they are passed to others, and why the Order banded together in the first place. These things will be not mentioned in detail through blocks of exposition. But as the creator of my world, I need to know how things work in order to write a believable story.

After spending so much time yesterday thinking about my story, I dreamed about it last night. During the dreams, I think another book idea was formed. The result was I woke up excited and eager to capture the remnants of the dream in text so it doesn't disappear forever. I'm stepping back from the timeline today and devoting my writing time to creating a plausible back story for the series. Correction, a more detailed back story than the one I currently have.


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