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( Jun. 15th, 2009 09:07 pm)
My latest obsession is podcasts. (duh! As if anyone reading my journal didn't know that by now!) I've been trying to listen to a multitude of different ones and then report back which ones are good and which aren't worth the space used on the media player. This quest is failing because I can't get past my obsession with TBTL. (Too Beautiful To Live) If you haven't listened to it, go find it on iTunes and check it out. I will bet you will become as smitten as I have.

The Sushi Trial of '09 went well. I didn't gag and vomit all over the table. But I didn't try the raw stuff. I went for the tame tempura shrimp roll. It was a new taste. My take was that I didn't love sushi, but I didn't hate it either. I will eat sushi again and now I know a bit of what to expect. I've been told this means I like sushi. :)

I'm still reading A Spell of a Revolution by C.C. Finlay. It's a great book. I would be finished by now, but I've been slack in my reading. I'm going through a stress/anxiety thing right now and reading has been pushed to the side. So far, I've enjoyed it. I love the pacing, it draws you into the story. I can not recommend this series enough. If you love history and the paranormal, this series is a perfect marriage of them both.

There are new books in the Shay household. We visited Borders during the Hill play date. I couldn't leave without buying books. I've been looking for Caitlin Kittredge's book Night Life and when I saw it on the shelves I had to have it. I also bought Pure Blood and Street Magic. I wanted to buy Second Skin and her superhero book too, but then sanity crept in. I'll buy them later. ;)

I actually did pick up Second Skin, but then put it back so I could buy Mark Del Franco's latest addition to the Conner Grey series, Unfallen Dead. I love Del Franco's writing and I can't wait to crack it open. (he was also super nice to meet in person, as was Caitlin)

Speaking about books, I need to round up a ton of them and take them to the used book store. My shelves are running over. My TBR pile is growing, until I shrink the stack, I'm not allowed to purchase more. If I had the money to mail books I'd offer my cast off on Book Mooch. The tightening of the economy and my aversion to work have shrunk my coffers. (the aversion is a result of anxiety and pain)

Nasty Girls is still banging around in my head. I'm almost to the point of sitting down to write a brief outline, synopsis, and character sketches. My mind takes ideas and bangs them around a bit before settling down to start seriously working on them. I think it's a process I've developed to test whether or not I'll stick with a story. If I don't like the idea after several weeks of mulling, then I discard it and move on. If the idea still excites me after a few weeks, then the research begins. I might just spend the summer doing research and setting the ground work for my next project. (which might be an edgy chick lit piece without a demon)

P.S. There is some crazy noise that won't leave me alone. I can't figure out what the heck it is!


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