No matter how shitty a day I'm having or how bad I feel, Fall Out Boy never fails to make me smile. A change comes over me and I get that feeling. You know the one, where no matter how awkward or crazy you look to the rest of the world, you must move your ass or explode. Naysayers I dare you to listen to "Dance Dance" and not do a chair boogie.

I think their lyrics and song titles are creative and interesting. I wonder what was going on when the songs where coming to life. They also stick in your brain. (Detox to retox)

How can a band that makes me this happy be emo? LOL!

And lastly, Pete Wentz reminds me of my son, Ryn. Well, when Ryn was younger and was into guyliner and skinny jeans.

The world is a better place because FOB exists!


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