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( Dec. 15th, 2009 02:31 pm)
Today I'm having a crisis of relevance, as in how am I relevant in the grand scheme of the universe. I wonder sometimes what mark my life has made and if I have made a difference.

Deep thoughts for a Tuesday afternoon. I blame the emo music I listen to. The alt-pop music defense that doesn't hold up in court. (it is right up there with my editor made me do it)

In reality, it is a symptom of gaining age. The closer we get to the grave the more introspection we have. (hypothesizing here of course since I'm a good 30 years from a clay bed)

I need to stop wasting time watching reality television and following train wrecks on the net.

New mantra for 2010:WWPWD? (what would Pete Wentz Do?) It was depressing to read how much he is missing performing and how FOB is over. I haven't even sang yet!

Now work, which sucks so much right now. I'm back in Jimmy's department. He asked me last week why my hair isn't cute anymore. *headdesk* My only saving grace is music via Pandora on my BlackBerry. I would die without it.


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