Seeing [ profile] brian_ohio's post about Neil made me want to go back and re-visit my Neil experience. My old journal still exists, but I don't want to put you guys through the hassle of clicking links, so without further delay, a re-broadcast of my post about seeing Neil himself live.

Neil Gaiman is the most amazing and interesting person alive on the planet. Yes, I am a total smitten fan girl and even more so since I've seen him in person. It is an experience I recommend to anyone if they have the opportunity.

Laura, a.k.a. [ profile] dream_mancer, drove us(us being me and Brittany) almost 130 miles so we could experience Neil. She is awesome and I bow before her ability to create space. We arrived two hours early, which was a good thing since there already was a line forming at the door. By the time the doors opened the line stretched out past the parking lot. We were able to get seats in the fourth row. We could've had third row, but we wanted to be sitting in the middle of the stage for the best view.

Neil opened with a poem, which he explained was a requirement. (not really, he was just being funny) I closed my eyes and let his voice wash over me. I was in literary heaven. He went on to give a short talk about fairy tales and myths. My favorite quote of the evening was, "Without our stories we would be nothing." And yes, I did indeed write it down so I would not forget.

Next, he read a yet to be published short story entitled "Orange." It was very funny. I noticed Neil writes much the same way he speaks. He seems like the kind of person you'd love hanging out with, just listening to music and geeking about comics. He's very easy on the eyes as well.

The evening wrapped up with a question and answer session. The standard questions were asked and Neil gave detailed answers complete with stories about his life. One girl admitted to being a huge fan and said she was about to faint. He told her to go ahead and faint because the person behind her would catch her. Then he walked up closer. I loved him for that. Then there was the girl who didn't have a question, she wanted to thank him for visiting Arkansas. He mentioned he rides the train to the west coast and comes through Little Rock every time.

We decided against staying for the book signing. The line was huge and we still had to travel two hours. I'm very happy Laura drove us to Conway and I was able to see Neil up close and personal. It's an experience I'll never forget. It was inspiring. I will finish up my short stories I have in process and throw them to the wolves and hope for a drunk editor. :P

P.S. Neil mentioned he wanted to first be a werewolf and second a writer. I wonder if that is why he keeps his hair a shaggy mess. :)

I hope I have Neil flavored dreams complete with flying saucers, orange sisters, werewolves, and zombies.


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