My fingers are itching to get to work on my new writing project. The genre is woman's fiction. It is a bit of a departure from my usual urban fantasy. There are no demons unless you count the ones residing within the souls of my characters.

After having a honest conversation about PoC in fiction with a friend, I am considering writing a character who is not white. This worries me a bit. I don't want to head off into stereotypical land. But she assured me that's what beta readers are for, so I will write it and see what the betas say.

The story is set in Southern Louisiana/New Orleans. The characters meet in high school and manage to kill a classmate. The story is about their lives after the death. It is more complicated, but I'm afraid to write too much about it, lest I fall out of love before November begins.

I'm attending our first annual Yeti's writing retreat next weekend. I'm looking forward to spending a weekend writing in a cabin in the woods. We have a tentative schedule and a bit of free time planned as well. It should be fun and productive.


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