Where did the year go? Can someone please tell me? I blinked and the year was history. In fact, the decade passed quicker than I think it should have.

Ten years ago tonight...

I was celebrating 2000 with my neighbors and kids. We decorated the living room with blue and silver balloons and streamers. I made tons of finger food and my ex got so drunk he was passed out in the bathtub when the ball dropped.

I remember thinking all the b.s. about Y2K was b.s. I wasn't online then. I didn't even own a computer. I was writing though, putting my story ideas on obscure bits of paper.

I will not mourn 2009, for it was a trying year for me. I will embrace 2010 with open arms and hold it close. This will be my year. Last year, I finished a novel. This year I will edit one and maybe lose my fear of failure.

No resolutions for me. I always break them. Instead I will make predictions.

I predict in 2010, I will live a healthier life. The year will pass just as quickly as the previous one, but I shall shed copious amounts of weight.

In 2010, I the Great Shay see, myself writing a query letter to a variety of agents. This act will cause me much relief and much stress as I will begin obsessively checking my email for responses.

2010 will be a year of love for the Shay. I will embrace many, especially myself. No, I won't get back in the dating game, but I won't be totally against having dinner and a movie with someone. (they must be a pretty special someone cause I'm a pretty special someone)

There will be travel in 2010. I see Shay traveling great distances, possibly even to Georgia and maybe even beyond.

Laughter will ring through the walls of Shay's new home and everyone who enters will feel the warm of her heart.
(why am I talking about myself in third person?)

Feel free to add your predictions for 2010 in the comments!

Happy New Year Everyone!

P.S. I plan on bringing in the new year writing so that I will spend the entire year writing.
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( Dec. 14th, 2009 03:30 pm)
Hello Followers!

I just noticed the lack of recent twitter feed posts. I locked my stream to protect myself from prying co-workers. No one has found me on Twitter yet, but I feel more comfortable with a non-public stream. Anyone who misses my 140 character missives is free to follow me (cricketshay on twitter)

My life has been a series of battles lately.

I'm trying to keep myself going at work and trying to make it through the holidays at home. I detest (loathe even) Christmas. I don't dislike the Christan side of things so much, but rather the consumerism side of it. Five years ago I gave up giving gifts on Christmas and just starting buying things for people year round. When I see something I think someone I love will like, I buy it for them and give it to them. I don't save it up for once a year. This kind of sucks for the kids, who have to go to school and hear about the load of gifts their peers receive. But it makes me happier. (though people tend to look at me strangely when I tell them I don't celebrate Christmas by buying gifts)

Today's battle is with a massive migraine. I think I might be winning because I can use the computer without wanting to throw up.

(I had so much more to say five minutes ago)

Love to all,


P.S. Me and Courtney have decided to label penises "the situation" after watching The Jersey Shore on MTV. For those who aren't reality television addicts, there is a guy on the show who calls himself "the situation." Yeah, he acts kinda like a dick.
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( Oct. 6th, 2009 06:02 pm)
This is my sixth year to participate in NaNoWriMo and my third (or fourth) as a ML. I have five crappy little novels to show for it. My first was a disaster. I was switching POVs like a mad woman and had an antagonist who was way over the top. The MCs gallivanted around a detailed world I created without a plot in sight.

I feel like I've come a long way since that first effort. I now know how to stay with one POV and how to plot. My dialog doesn't sound contrived and stiff anymore. Some might think six years on a journey without an end is a serious waste of time. But I think it has been beneficial to me. My writing has improved with practice and age. I have forged friendships with other writers and received valuable feedback. I have learned publishing is hard and most published writers have to keep their day jobs.

The road has been bumpy and I've thought more than once I should pack it in. But if I did, then I wouuldn't be me. Regardless of whether or not my name ever graces a bookshelf, I am a writer. I will tell my stories till I die and participate in NaNoWriMo as long as I'm able.

Good luck to all those other crazy writers who have signed up for the November madness. You are in good company.
I thought listening to FOB for hours on end would make me sick and my obessession would cease, freeing me up to listen to other bands. What a silly, little girl I am. It just made more of an obessive freak. My kids are starting to notice and I saw the look Ben gave me when I mentioned Pete Wentz in a recent conversation. There is an intervention in the air, I can smell it.

Concerned Friends:

"We love you Shay and we want to save you from your musicality."(they toss ripped CDs of cool indie music at me, afraid to get too close in case FOB obsession is catching)


"Thnks Fr th mmrs"(I try to ignore the music piled at my feet. Pete and Patrick 4-EVAR!)


"It's worse than we thought. She has lost her vowels!" Quick play some JoCo to snap her out of it!" (Code Monkey get up...)


(said angrily) "Don't you know Who I Think I AM!"


(throwing hands up in air) "We give up! I guess we should be thankful, it could've been Britney."

*embraces obsession*

It will pass soon I think. I put some other stuff on my media player to draw my attention in another direction.

P.S. No disrespect for Briteny or those her love her. I needed a name. :)

P.S.S. Hum Hallelujah is an awesome song! Check it out!

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( Sep. 21st, 2009 09:36 am)
Jonathan Ames has created a new series for HBO. I love Jonathan Ames and I can't wait to see his creation.

The Graveyard Book by Neil himself. It is what I'm currently reading. (taking a small break from the romance, I don't want to go into HEA overload)

Neil Gaiman is the most rock star writer and I've heard he is dating Amanda Palmer.

October, a time for caramel apples, cider, pumpkins, and things that go bump in the night. Fall is my favorite holiday.

fresh doughnuts

Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Emmy's

Felicia Day, she is so sweet and talented. The Guild is awesome!
First, they stole The X from me and replaced it with Southern Red Neck Rock! Now the show that might be too beautiful to live has been cancelled!


TBTL as a live radio show is DEAD!

They are going to try to continue as a podcast.


Another reason to loathe today's date. I am quitting 9/11 FOREVER!

If you have never heard TBTL go forth and download it on iTunes or TBTL.net. It is funny and good!

*cries some more*

TBTL we will miss you! I have high hopes for the podcast.
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( Jun. 15th, 2009 09:07 pm)
My latest obsession is podcasts. (duh! As if anyone reading my journal didn't know that by now!) I've been trying to listen to a multitude of different ones and then report back which ones are good and which aren't worth the space used on the media player. This quest is failing because I can't get past my obsession with TBTL. (Too Beautiful To Live) If you haven't listened to it, go find it on iTunes and check it out. I will bet you will become as smitten as I have.

The Sushi Trial of '09 went well. I didn't gag and vomit all over the table. But I didn't try the raw stuff. I went for the tame tempura shrimp roll. It was a new taste. My take was that I didn't love sushi, but I didn't hate it either. I will eat sushi again and now I know a bit of what to expect. I've been told this means I like sushi. :)

I'm still reading A Spell of a Revolution by C.C. Finlay. It's a great book. I would be finished by now, but I've been slack in my reading. I'm going through a stress/anxiety thing right now and reading has been pushed to the side. So far, I've enjoyed it. I love the pacing, it draws you into the story. I can not recommend this series enough. If you love history and the paranormal, this series is a perfect marriage of them both.

There are new books in the Shay household. We visited Borders during the Hill play date. I couldn't leave without buying books. I've been looking for Caitlin Kittredge's book Night Life and when I saw it on the shelves I had to have it. I also bought Pure Blood and Street Magic. I wanted to buy Second Skin and her superhero book too, but then sanity crept in. I'll buy them later. ;)

I actually did pick up Second Skin, but then put it back so I could buy Mark Del Franco's latest addition to the Conner Grey series, Unfallen Dead. I love Del Franco's writing and I can't wait to crack it open. (he was also super nice to meet in person, as was Caitlin)

Speaking about books, I need to round up a ton of them and take them to the used book store. My shelves are running over. My TBR pile is growing, until I shrink the stack, I'm not allowed to purchase more. If I had the money to mail books I'd offer my cast off on Book Mooch. The tightening of the economy and my aversion to work have shrunk my coffers. (the aversion is a result of anxiety and pain)

Nasty Girls is still banging around in my head. I'm almost to the point of sitting down to write a brief outline, synopsis, and character sketches. My mind takes ideas and bangs them around a bit before settling down to start seriously working on them. I think it's a process I've developed to test whether or not I'll stick with a story. If I don't like the idea after several weeks of mulling, then I discard it and move on. If the idea still excites me after a few weeks, then the research begins. I might just spend the summer doing research and setting the ground work for my next project. (which might be an edgy chick lit piece without a demon)

P.S. There is some crazy noise that won't leave me alone. I can't figure out what the heck it is!


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