I spent almost the entire first two months of the year sick. My body is finally healing and I'm slowly coming back to myself. The short version is: cold leading to bronchitis leading to severe asthma attacks leading to a case of the shingles. It was not a fun time. But now the blisters are almost completely healed and I don't want to spend the entire day in bed moaning about how much it sucks to be sick. 

The consequence of battling illness is the lack of motivation to create. My edits are stuck on chapter three and I haven't written any new words on my next projection. I am spending the next week recommitting to my writing goals and getting  back in the habit of putting something down on the page every day. This set back will not hinder my determination to produce a polished manuscript by the end of the year. 

My time wasn't completely wasted. I read a great deal and beta read a friend's novel. I've read chapters for people before but never am entire book. It was an interesting experience and I hope my notes helped the author. One day I will be brave enough to send my "baby" out into the beta world. 

 Tomorrow I will be creating a log line for my story. We are covering it in our bi-weekly writer's group meeting. The thought of condensing my idea to a couple of sentences frightens me. Looking at my manuscript scares me too. It has been almost a month since I've opened the file. I'm most worried I won't love it any more. 


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