My body isn't completely healed from the Great Upper Respiratory Infection of 2014. This fact has inspired my brain to shut down and become a pile of gray mush incapable of forming coherent sentences. I've written less than five hundred words in the past two weeks and I'm still working on the rewrite of chapter three. The good news is I am still excited about my new idea and have been thinking about characters and plot points. I know thinking isn't the same as writing the ideas on a page, but I like to wallow things around in my mind first before I start committing them to pen and paper. 

The problem with chapter three is it wasn't completely written in the first draft. It was roughly eight hundred words describing what I wanted the scene to be and the action that needed to occur. During NaNoWriMo it was enough. Now it is sadly lacking. I have the task of filling in the blanks. One of the characters in the scene changed as the story was progressing. At the end, she was a different person. It was a surprise to me as well as my main character. I want to reflect this change in the scene and it has been hard, hence the procrastination. 

I'm choosing to focus on the positive. I am writing again. I've done more since November than I have in the past two years. I've had to relearn some things and get back in the habit of sitting at the computer and putting the words on the page. If I can survive the editing process, I can do anything.
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