The common cold had the power to derail my writing progress. In fact, my entire life was put on hold while I dealt with sneezing, coughing, and an over abundance of mucous. My time was spent in bed reading or watching sitcoms on my computer. I developed a Nyquil habit, chugging it back like a ho slamming tequila shooters. Rest, soup, and Cougar Town have vanquished my viral demon, leaving behind a croupy cough and dregs of mucous in my lungs. I feel better.

Writing shall recommence now I've won my brain back. I missed it, but I wasn't in any condition to be writing. No telling what I would have written in my stupor. I answered my phone and instructed my cousin on how many Aleve should take then promptly hung up on her. I jotted down a story idea.

Group of people traveling country in RV living off grid. They have unofficial meeting. Race for control.

I have no idea what it means or when I typed into my phone. (I have a list for story ideas) I am guessing I woke up from a dream and wrote it.

Today I blog, tomorrow I dive back into edits and possible character creation for my new idea. After going a year or more without any story ideas, I have several different ones vying for my attention. It feels so good. Creating makes me feel whole and complete. It is hard to explain, I just know in my heart, it was what I was meant to do.

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