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( Feb. 27th, 2014 06:56 pm)

Condensing a novel to one or two sentences is hard. Trying to come up with a decent log line to describe my current WIP has been a nightmare. Mine remind me of cheesy movie trailers complete with the dramatic music and ridiculous pyrotechnics. 

An edgy, young woman with a hidden talent just wants a normal life. Instead, she finds herself protecting a young man marked for death by the man she trusts the most.

 It doesn't mention the secret organization she was born into or how everything she ever knew is falling apart. I will keep working on it. Edgy is the nice way to say angsty bitch who is pissed at the world. Our relationship is one of love and hate. It needs work. At times I feel she is too cliche. But I digress from my topic of choice. Compressing my idea into a few sentences is proving to be a near impossible task. 

Despite my recent failure to be prolific, I am celebrating my return to the world of words. Currently, I'm sitting in the dark, typing with Pink's Raise Your Glass blaring in my headphones. After I hit the publish button, I will be joining several fellow writers in chat. I'm hoping they can give me some guidance in the log line department, or at the very least help me restart my creative juices. My hiatus has ended.






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