One of my goals for the new year was to establish a solid writing schedule. It is still a work in progress. Life seems to have a way of intervening. I know there is a saying about good intentions but my brain fog is preventing me from retrieving it at the moment.

The thought was for me to write at the same time every day and not stop till I hit my daily goal, which is a doable 500 new words. So far I hit my goal once since January 1st and I have yet to sit at the computer at the same time every day. The good news is I have managed to write seven out of the past nine days. There are new words being written each day and the WIP is shaping up.

A good friend urged me to relax and take it easy on myself. This was in response to my angst over the speed of editing. It was good advice. I was putting too much pressure on myself. This is new uncharted territory for me. In the past, I would spend several months with a draft, then give up and move on to something shinier. I never committed to doing the hard work it takes to edit a story and make it suitable for human consumption.

Writing is hard. The pay sucks and there are no guarantees anyone else will want to read your story once it is finished. That said, I can't stop doing it. I have tried. I always come back and start again. No matter how many ways I find to put it off, I must write. It is part of my soul.


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